User guide for CBA.

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The following videos show a variety of methods that could be used to facilitate the Information Exchange between software and the CBA platform.

This video shows how a single BAMB template can be filled in to create a specific Element or Product. This method is ideal for manufacturers who wish to complete the BAMB information requirements for their product.

This video shows a BAMBie.xml format integrated into a Word document. Ideal for early design stages and initial client brief.

This video shows how third party software that can export to COBie.xml could be used to import some of the information that might be available. This is ideal for early design stage.

This video shows how a COBie spreadsheet can be completed and exported as a BAMBie.xml. Ideal for Information Delivery Teams and Asset Managers that are familiar with the COBie format.

This video shows the BAMB templates being integrated into Archicad 22 with IFC Mapping, which the properties may be exported in a open standard.

This video shows the BAMB templates being integrated into Revit by including the details in project and shared parameters.

This video shows how BAMB template is integrated as a classification in SketchUp Pro.


The following videos show a specific implementation of the RBD methodology within Rhino and Grasshopper.

This video shows the installation of the Grasshopper user object (ghuser) in the Grasshopper environment.

This video show how to generate geometry with the vitual simulator and the Reverse Building Design (RBD) assessment in Rhino and Grasshopper environment.